Geoffrey Gorman

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Mixed-media sculptor Geoffrey Gorman’s exhibition, “Standing Tall,” features his uncanny reinvention of found objects into life-like animals standing upright. During his recent travels to Egypt, Gorman was enthralled with the representation of figures with both human and animal attributes. In this series he imbues his creature creations with human expressions, placed in distinctly human postures – a motif found throughout Egyptian hieroglyphics. This work blurs the line between man and animal, and mythical anthropomorphism permeates.

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Geoffrey Gorman


"A broken bent tree branch, bleached from sun and rain, makes me think of weathered bones: fingers, legs, backbone, and hip bone. Old stained strips of cloth act like bandages and clothing, hiding and holding it all together. Wrapped rusted rewire covers the frame and joints of wood. Found and lost objects assembled into curious and evocative shapes is what excites me.

When I am making objects, I think of model airplanes made of balsa wood, then covered in thin transparent paper. Or I see decoys and shapes made to attract wild animals. I visited a museum in Alaska that had drawers filled with toys that had been put together, used and collected from previous cultures. I also think of a forest of tall, dark trees covered in moss and moisture, a silent, meditative place."



Objects left behind, the detritus of modern life - these are the materials Geoffrey Gorman reinvents as the skin, nails, and eyes of creatures that are simultaneously mythical and scientific. He constructs dynamic sculptures that exude urgency and capture wildness in expression and posture. His creations are a fabricated phylum derived from the flotsam and jetsam of a neglected garage.

Growing up on a Maryland horse farm, Gorman has a keen appreciation for the natural world having explored thick hardwood forests, observed wildlife in their natural habitat, and discovered a history of occupation by the objects left behind in abandoned buildings. Exploration and vision, paired with a talent for craftsmanship, allow him to transform a bicycle tube into the sleek skin of an otter, and scrap aluminum into a toucan’s beak. He prefers materials that give a sense of something else and have a feeling that is organic and life-like.

Geoffrey’s process begins with in-depth research, and develops into story for most of the characters he creates. Some come about through experiment--understanding the properties and possibilities of a material, the product of a Dr. Frankenstein-like workshop, while others have a distinct tale to convey. Often, a new character is the first in a series that evolve with each iteration as he adapts his design and use of materials, an artistic natural selection. His titles are generally in Latin, and could reference the genus or species name of the animal his creation resembles, or the predicament in which they find themselves. The titles are usually left unexplained--a mystery for the viewer to research and unravel. Most have the anatomical resemblance to creatures of the natural world yet they are adorned with artifacts, the talisman given by their creator, imbuing them human characteristics--their own mythology. Geoffrey believes that “animals are very spiritual and have profound learning experiences to share” and that “there is a thin membrane dividing the animal and human worlds” and his aim it to pierce that membrane.

Geoffrey studied photography at the Maryland Institute of Art, the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and at the Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland. He spent year as an apprentice to renowned furniture maker Michael Coffey, where he learned many of the woodworking skills he uses in his sculptures. After spending ten years as a furniture maker, followed by working in galleries, as an art dealer, and as a business advisor to other artists, Geoffrey had an epiphany while trekking in the Himalayas that altered his trajectory from advocate of the arts to making his own work. Geoffrey has been crafting, sculpting and creating since 2004, and his work has been featured in numerous shows and galleries across the country. He currently resides in Santa Fe, NM.

Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, MD, Boston Museum School, Boston, MA
Franklin College, Lugano, Switzerland

one person museum & art center exhibitions
2015 Creatures of Curiosity: Ten Years of Work, Hillsborough Community College - Ybor City Campus, Tampa, FL

group museum & art center exhibitions
2014 Common Ground, Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (third place)
2013 Craft Forms 2013, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA
2012 Untamed, The Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO
        Animal Magnetism, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI
        Fine Folk of New Mexico, Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2011 Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2011, Cheongju, South Korea (catalog)
        Wild Kingdom, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
        Animal Craft, Chautauqua Art Center, NY
2009 Second Nature, Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus, OH
2008 Biennial Southwest, The Albuquerque Museum, ABQ, NM (catalog)

one person exhibitions
2013 A Dog’s Tail, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
        New Work, Paul Scott Fine Art, Bend, OR
2012 Animology, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2011 Having Wings, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2010 Creatures of Curiosity, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2009 Animal Instincts, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2008 A Narrow Road To A Far Province, Blink Gallery, Boulder, CO (installation)
        Animals, Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2007 Talking Trees, Hahn Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
        The Birds, Hibberd McGrath Gallery, Breckenridge, CO
2005 Perched, Hahn Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

group exhibitions
2015 Tea Party, Morgan Glass Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2014 Art Palm Beach, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
        SOFA Chicago, (Tom Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
2013 Hardlines, Lovett’s Gallery, Tulsa, OK
        New Work, Paul Scott Fine Art, Bend, OR
        SOFA West Art Fair, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
2012 Cabinet of Curiosity, J Go Gallery at Aqua Art Fair, Miami, FL
        New Artist, Paul Scott Fine Art, Bend, OR
2011 SOFA West Art Fair, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
        SOFA New York Art Fair, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
2010 SOFA Chicago Art Fair, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
        SOFA West Art Fair, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
        Recycled Art, Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2009 SOFA Chicago Art Fair, (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
        Introductions, Art Access Gallery, Columbus, OH
        Fine Art/Folk Art, Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2008 SuperStars, Goldleaf Framemakers, Santa Fe, NM
        SOFA Chicago Art Fair (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
        Art Salon Beijing, China (Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM)
2007 SOFA Chicago Art Fair (Snydermann-Works Gallery, PA)
        Bridge Art Fair, Chicago, IL (
        Faculty Show, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM
        8 x 8, Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM
        Underground, Santa Fe, NM
2006 SOFA Chicago Art Fair (Hibberd McGrath Gallery, Breckenridge, CO)
        Strange Weeds, Tesuque Village Market, Tesuque, NM
2006 OOTOE, Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA
        Rags To Riches, Gallery Zipp, NM
2005 The Road Show, Book as Inspiration, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM
2000 Focus on Education: MAC Instructors, Mendocino Art Center, CA
1999 Christmas Show, Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM
        Opera Scenic Design and Props
2009 The Language of Birds, Santa Fe New Music, Santa Fe, NM

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New Mexico Arts Commission Permanent Collection
Kamm Teapots, Fuller Craft Museum
Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI
Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM
University Of Colorado, Boulder, CO