David D'Agostino

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Majestic mountain tops and rock formations are painted to express strength and tranquility through D'Agostino subtle use of color and form.

David D'Agostino



New Mexico landscape painter David D’Agostino does not attempt to idealize the landscape; he shows a terrain weathered by time. Majestic mountain tops and rock formations are painted to express strength and tranquility through his subtle use of color and form. To emphasize the rugged mountain landscapes, David uses strong brush work and palette knives to apply paint to his textured canvases. He recently introduced bold, flat background colors in his mixed media landscape paintings creating visual contrast between the three dimensional gray tones of the mountains.

As a self-taught artist, D’Agostino has explored his passion for landscape by living a nomadic lifestyle traveling through North Africa, Southeastern Europe and long treks in the Sahara. He now resides in New Mexico where he maintains a painting studio focusing on his work and his continued interest in ecological concerns. From his travels he observed habitat loss and drought and its impact on species extinction and he feels his paintings create an awareness of the beauty and fragility of our environment.

David D’Agostino has a distinguished career having exhibited in both private and public venues. He is the first American to have a studio and representation with Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Egypt and taught a course “Trends in Contemporary American Landscape Painting” at the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art. In 2016, he was selected for New American Paintings, a leading curated American contemporary art journal. And in 2017 he exhibited in FXFOWLE Gallery in New York and Lane Myer Projects in Denver, Colorado. David has also been a visiting artist in residence at Georgia State University, Atlanta and the Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico.

Breaking tradition from historical Southwestern landscape painters, David D’Agostino has a unique contemporary vision of the high desert of northern New Mexico and the vast terrain of Colorado. His painting focus is not to offer a view of the perfect landscape but to convey to the viewer a glimpse into the dichotomy of nature which is both strong and yet vulnerable; a reflection of the human condition.