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Christina Chalmers 1948 - 2017

It is with profound respect and deep sadness to share that Christina Chalmers left this earth on January 20. It is painful for us to lose such a deep and complex friend and artist. Christina was quite present with her family at the end, they celebrated her life and her passing was a profound and beautiful experience for her and her children.

Christina Chalmers' work and her commitment to it was above everything. It was sophisticated, unique, simple in its message and meticulously achieved. Christina, as many of you know, was a beautiful gypsy. She loved setting up amazing studios near and in far away places, always searching for materials that captivated and inspired her wherever she was. Christina had a beautiful and amazing life and she was very grateful and she will be missed.

In her words - “Each of my works is a personal epic. Each garment image is a cloak, which shelters a universe luminous, spacious, incalculably rich and truly vulnerable. Finally, for me, there is this question: Does the light descend from the sky or rise out of us?"

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