The Gallery

In 2004, Selby Fleetwood Gallery opened in a 250 year old adobe building on Canyon Road. There are four large galleries and the palette of our adobe walls highlight the paintings and pieces that hang on them.  We represent 17 regional and national artists who work in a diverse range of media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, and mixed media.

Regarding curation, we select artists whose work incorporates mediums and processes that can impact the reading of an image or object and whose interests and perspectives are relatable to both art buyers and appreciators.

A number of our artists produce work that is unusual and can easily be recognized as their own. All our artists apply attention to detail and exceptional execution that is easily discerned and appreciated. Some are inherently compelled to be artists while others have studied and honed their craft over decades.   

The artwork one will find here takes on a variety of forms: the familiar, including figure, landscape and still-life; and the more complex narrative and abstraction. The culmination is an aesthetic atmosphere of surprise, depth, and contemplation. The gallery provides the collaboration with the artist and the collector, a continuing conversation and a frequent rotation of artworks to be viewed and appreciated. 


We are open 7 days a week from 10 to 5.

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